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    Well it's time to change ,the car now just sits on drive and short journeys been faultless in the 45 k I've owned now on 86k buying a used Lexus rx450 h only thing I could find to beat my avensis on kit and appeal everything else was bland toyota wise .sat in RAV4 felt like my avensis but higher and wife didn't like it so that was that .
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    Just seen this Corolla saloon review.
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    Yeah. After a while it showed a message showing that the engine needed to be running. I went for a drive. I have to say that I'm really impressed. After over 30 years as a software developer I have to admit that I don't think I've ever come across a company that has made it so painful, irritating and annoying to update their software. It truly is an awesomely bad experience and Toyota should be proud of their achievement. Oh and the update seems to have broken automatic zoom. When I arrived back home all it would show me was a bird's eye view of the town. Thoroughly well done, Toyota. NB: This post might contain some elements of sarcasm.
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    argghh - don't do that (but probably too late when you see this). After 20 mins a message pops up saying it's saving the battery and it unceremoniously shuts down - I've never seen a way of preventing that even while sitting in the car - if anyone knows different, please say what the secret is! At best you'll have to start again - on earlier cars, I've heard of people whose infotainment hasn't worked again until their dealer spent best part of a day fixing it. 🥺
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    ............so you unwillingly suffered the same as me then, Mike169 !!! Credit to you for wanting to do a proper job, but not being allowed to !! Maybe I should be thanking your former boss for some business !! Awful darned cheapskate things !! Like Lucas stuff = " Loose, Unsoldered Connections And Splices " / Lucas - Patent holders of the short circuit / Lucas light switch positions = Off, Dim, Dimmer. Though you probably didn't have to go out on freezing cold, wet nights to breakdowns caused by them !! I envisaged a "light bar" as one of those chrome things that used to be fitted in the days when they were bolted to the bumper and festooned with lights trying to emulate rally cars and for impaling and disembowelling anyone unfortunate enough to come into close contact with them ! Any such fitting to an Aygo, or any modern car for that matter whether mounted to a "bar" or directly to bodywork nowadays could, ( should ! ) be an instantly MoT fail, like bonnet mounted ornaments, for example. 4 x 4 owners didn't like the scrutiny some of their ( sometimes illegal - for road use anyway ) that we gave some of their rather dubious fitments at test time !!
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    Pleased to hear its working properly now, and tbh I doubt there is any underlying problem. Just leave it on 24/7. Cleaning the system is something you can do yourself... they probably use an aerosol canister of some kind of sanitiser that you set off from inside the car footwell while having the A/C on recirculate at a high flow rate. You can buy those things. Here is video showing one in action. Aerosol Sanitiser
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    The Most fantastic dealer handover experience I have very had. Amazing effort from Shelbourn Motors Portadown. Thanks to Richard & Steven. I’m loving my new Rav 4. Hope you don’t mind the pics.
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    Here's info on the codes https://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/auris_corolla_zze-zr-nde-ade/rm04f0e/repair2/html/frame_rm000001884005x.html https://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/auris_corolla_zze-zr-nde-ade/rm04f0e/repair2/html/frame_rm000001zi6002x.html And a useful manual https://www.autocats.ws/manual/toyota/auris_corolla_zze-zr-nde-ade/rm04f0e/index2.html
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    My Avensis space saver steel wheel does not accept the normal wheel nuts for the alloys, very well. The alloys nuts are the same thread but have a parallel section that fits tightly into the wheel hole and locates the wheel precisely.The steel wheel is made for nuts with a small dome end and there is no hole for the nut to enter. The alloys nut on the steel wheel does not locate the steel rim very well, ok for a mile or two but not any distance. Other models may be different but you have to have to actually uses the space saver to be aware of this. I got a set of steel wheel nuts for about a fiver off e bay, probably pennies from a scrap yard.

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