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    Hi everyone sold my 2012 avensis t spirit and now upgraded to this last week. 2.0 Excel with the BMW unit, wow what a difference this car is compared to the other 2 avensis I've had.
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    I am convinced that the low-lifes who offer car insurance policies operate as a cartel, fixing prices and generally holding the majority of car drivers over a barrel because of the legal requirement to hold car insurance. My car is worth £50 to £100. Options to have TP or TPFT are governed by the premise that because you are seeking a lower cost insurance then you must be a speeding, drunked up druggie youth, with multiple claims! Instead this tee-total, drug free 64 year old with no claims for 20+ years is charged the earth! I really believe the government should take a look at how car insurance companies operate with a view to tightening up regulation on extravagant price hikes!
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    Thanks Dennis, just done exactly as you said, and I also got the display dimming again, but as you said "not as much". Adjusted the brightness up and its fine now. Thank you.
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    Not sure what you mean by 17" space saver. The space saver spare is the same for 15" and 17 . My car is on 15" but my Auris was 17 the spare was the same. The boot poly is 3 piece, it does make the boot shallower, but there are cut outs for Jack & brace. There may be good reason why the wheel well is so shallow but it beats my logic. The pump and kit went with the Auris and I sold the space saver on EBay. On 15 " the car is quiet,economical and a great drive. The Auris Ts was good to drive on 17" but struggled to get 50mpg. I had a loaner Auris hatch on 17" that was very noisy, skittish to drive and still struggled to get 50mpg. My understanding is on 15" it will not attract congestion charges anywhere and be in a different tax band when or if introduced. On fast cross country mixed motorway and A roads I get 65mpg. That's 15 mpg better than the Auris Ts on 17". The only criticism of 15" is they do not have rim saver bands and have an odd plastic cover to the Alloy wheels. The test drive cars were all on 17", one of the three I tried was quiet,an Excel, the B and B+ road noise was noticeable. I put this down to tyre choice and luck but it may have been insulation. For me it was a no brainer save £400, get a better quieter ride, and better fuel consumption, but we have been here before. Other than looks I can not think of any reason for low profile tyres. Let me know if you need pics
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    My Tuscan Red looks great in the sunshine but in the depths of a dark, overcast day looks very dull & boring. Guess which we get more of in Scotland ....
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    To me that doesn't look like the rain sensor - it may be the GPS or Radio antenna. Actually I could not identity the part in the repair manual - so I may be wrong. Have a look at the attached screenshot.
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    You are right Tibor.
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    You're correct Alan, I should've mentioned I'm not currently living in UK.
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    My injectors arrived today and they weren't too hard to put in. 3 hours with a little messing around. Three injectors were plugged with a powdery residue. But all back together now. Tomorrow I'll check for vacuum leaks using an unlit propane torch. If I am ever across the pond I'll buy a round of "cold cylinders" at the pub for everyone. Cheers Matt
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    I own a Smart Fortwo.
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    going by the .ir I think that you will find that he is in Iran despite his profile. ;)
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    I wouldn't think autos were any more or less common in Yorkshire than anywhere else in the UK.

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