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    Hi all I need some advise.... My 02 t sport is being a nightmare.... Every 2-3 months i get issues with the brakes. They get very hot and i can feel the car pulling back whilst on the move (hence fuel consumption goes up). I take it to my garage (i've been going to for years) and they say its a kooky thing with my car, they clean my brakes up and say that it'll be fine. but low and behold a few months down the line there i am again with the same issue. They said that everything is fine and all i need to do is keep take it back to get them cleaned out now and again... mmmmm this just doesn't seem right to me, i've never had this kind of problem with any of my other cars (toyota's included). I'm not a heavy breaker, i engine break if and when i can... I am on a very tight budget but this back and forth every few months (and yes they charge me to clean them out) seems like just masking a problem to me.. Anyone else had the same issues or has some advise because i slowly starting to hate my car! Thanks - sorry if this sounds a little lame but i'm really stuck..
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    which is sensible, but we're talking about the headlights, which if the car thinks it's dull/dark enough come on any time the ignition is on or the car is 'READY', whether you like it or not. If the car switched the lights on, then the DRLs don't come on. The only option (part from switching the car off again), is to switch to parking lights, but it's a royal PITA. Plus, when entering shade, the headlights can come on suddenly, and the driver doesn't even know unless s/he sees the green warning light on the dash or hears the quiet click of the relay operating.
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    I've had similar quotes, Michael.....but I was never bothered about the remote central locking/unlocking aspect...I just wanted a spare key that would unlock the door and get past the immobiliser...so paying around £50 to get a cloned key seem better value for money to me.
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    Mr T will have them at a price ?? or somewhere like this place which shows some for a 1.8, but you need to enter your cars exact details . https://www.micksgarage.com/d/brake-caliper-carriers/toyota/toyota-corolla/corolla-2001-to-2007/1-8-vvtl-i-ts-192-1796/products/2437843-4851-16375/trw-brake-caliper-carrier
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    Don't remember seeing any lacquer issues on the (British-built) solid red Corollas appear on the forums. The solid red paint (Solar Red - different shade to the red of the Corolla) on the Auris can suffer from lacquer separation, which tends to display as cracking and peeling of the lacquer.
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    Forgot to mention the VSC and ABS systems.... How Does It Work? Sensors can detect that the vehicle is skidding sideways, and when this happens, Toyota’s Vehicle Stability Control system can apply braking force independently to any of the four wheels while automatically controlling engine output. Together, these careful adjustments help to prevent lateral skidding. The VSC system electronically monitors speed and direction, and compares the vehicle's direction of travel with the driver's steering, acceleration and braking inputs. VSC can help compensate for loss of traction which can cause skids. It utilizes some components shared with the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and an electronically controlled engine throttle as well as a dedicated computer and sensors providing information to the VSC system. These include a yaw rate sensor, a G-sensor and a steering angle sensor. When VSC is active, a warning beep tone and instrument panel warning light indicate that the system is functioning. In many cases, VSC reacts well before the driver is aware of a loss of traction. As with other safety technologies, such as anti-lock brakes, it is important to drive safely, since Vehicle Stability Control cannot defy the laws of physics, nor can it provide more traction than exists in a given condition. While VSC has revolutionized vehicle steering and traction control, it does have limits. The system cannot provide more traction than exists between the vehicle and the road surface, and it cannot prevent lateral skidding if the driver makes extreme steering actions.
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    I have seen this a few times on Corolla's as you say cleaning the calipers only ever offers a temporary solution, unfortunately you have one or more faulty calipers or caliper carriers and the only permanent fix is to have the calipers/carriers reconditioned, fit replacement recon calipers/carriers or new ones.
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    Unfortunately the Gen 4 does not have auto lock in the UK. I have had that feature in my cars for many years now and I really miss it. Its available in the US and can be configured to lock when driving away or as soon as you put it into drive.

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